• Preparation of municipal and industrial waste management and logistics concepts including storage   logistic


  • Assumption of the function of corporate waste management representative acc. § 11 AWG, as well   as waste manager acc. § 26 AWG


  • cost management consulting and operative support of innovative recovery disposal and logistics solutions including packaging wastes


  • Operative advice and support for waste import and export (Notification)


  • Consulting and operative support incl. training for the preparation of the electronic waste balance in EDM

  • Management and supervision of IT projects in the waste, resource and logistics sector


  • Potential assessment and evaluation incl. cost optimization of existing waste management and disposal logistics concepts


  • Preparation of waste management tender documents for industrial‑, trade- and public institutions


  • Preparation of waste management and technical research and market studies


  • Assumption of market launches and sales of waste management and waste technology products,   equipment, machinery, facilities, etc..


  • Assumption of project-based market development in the waste and resource field nationally and internationally, including logistics


  • Consulting and operative support for the acquisition of waste management authorizations


  • Consulting and operative support for the funding system in the fields of waste management, transport   and logistics


  • Implementation and support of waste management and technical due diligences


  • Implementation of opportunity/risk analyses in the field of waste management


  • Planning and implementation of waste management resource management for large construction   sites and remediation of contaminated sites including logistics and auditing


  • Assumption of waste management site supervision, as well as site supervision of landfills acc. § 49 AWG


  • Preparation of expert reports on waste management, packaging, recycling technology, landfill management and site remediation [sworn court certified expert on the subject areas 06.50 and 06.60]




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