Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of muni­ci­pal and indus­tri­al was­te manage­ment and logistics con­cepts inclu­ding sto­rage   logistic

 Assump­ti­on of the func­tion of cor­po­ra­te was­te manage­ment repre­sen­ta­ti­ve acc. § 11 AWG, as well   as was­te mana­ger acc. § 26 AWG

cost manage­ment con­sul­ting and ope­ra­ti­ve sup­port of inno­va­ti­ve reco­very dis­po­sal and logistics solu­ti­ons inclu­ding pack­a­ging wastes

Ope­ra­ti­ve advice and sup­port for was­te import and export (Noti­fi­ca­ti­on)

Con­sul­ting and ope­ra­ti­ve sup­port incl. trai­ning for the pre­pa­ra­ti­on of the elec­tro­nic was­te balan­ce in EDM

Manage­ment and super­vi­si­on of IT pro­jects in the was­te, resour­ce and logistics sector

 Poten­ti­al assess­ment and eva­lua­ti­on incl. cost opti­miz­a­ti­on of exis­ting was­te manage­ment and dis­po­sal logistics concepts

Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of was­te manage­ment ten­der docu­ments for industrial‑, tra­de- and public institutions

Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of was­te manage­ment and tech­ni­cal rese­arch and mar­ket studies

Assump­ti­on of mar­ket laun­ches and sales of was­te manage­ment and was­te tech­no­lo­gy pro­ducts,   equip­ment, machine­ry, faci­li­ties, etc.

 Assump­ti­on of pro­ject-based mar­ket deve­lo­p­ment in the was­te and resour­ce field natio­nal­ly and            inter­na­tio­nal­ly, inclu­ding logistics

Con­sul­ting and ope­ra­ti­ve sup­port for the acqui­si­ti­on of was­te manage­ment authorizations

Con­sul­ting and ope­ra­ti­ve sup­port for the fun­ding sys­tem in the fiel­ds of was­te manage­ment, trans­port   and logistics

Imple­men­ta­ti­on and sup­port of was­te manage­ment and tech­ni­cal due diligences

Imple­men­ta­ti­on of opportunity/risk ana­ly­ses in the field of was­te management

Plan­ning and imple­men­ta­ti­on of was­te manage­ment resour­ce manage­ment for lar­ge con­struc­tion   sites and reme­dia­ti­on of con­ta­mi­na­ted sites inclu­ding logistics and auditing

 Assump­ti­on of was­te manage­ment site super­vi­si­on, as well as site super­vi­si­on of land­fills acc. § 49 AWG

 Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of expert reports on was­te manage­ment, pack­a­ging, recy­cling tech­no­lo­gy, land­fill manage­ment and site reme­dia­ti­on [sworn court cer­ti­fied expert on the sub­ject are­as 06.50 and 06.60]



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