… Refe­ren­ces for the field of was­te and resour­ce manage­ment are avail­ab­le from the fol­lowing busi­ness sectors:

 Plant con­struc­tion

 Auto­mo­ti­ve industry

 Con­struc­tion and buil­ding mate­ri­als industry

 Che­mi­cal Industry

 Ener­gy industry

 Was­te Management

 Tra­de and com­mer­cial enterprises

 Tim­ber industry


 Lea­ther industry

 Logistic com­pa­nies

 Public insti­tu­ti­ons

 Paper and pulp industry

 Steel and found­ry industry

 Tou­rism and Leisu­re industry

 Pack­a­ging industry

 Cement Indus­try

detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on upon per­so­nal request at

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